Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How is Cycling Like Teshuvah?

This is the question 200 Hazon (www.hazon.org) participants -- riders, crew and family members -- have been contemplating this Shabbat, Sunday and Labor Day.  We gathered for a spiritual Shabbat at Isabella Freedman Retreat Center in preparation for a series of rides on Sunday of various lengths culminating on Monday riding 67 miles into Manhattan.

The proximity of Rosh Hashanah to this year's Labor Day ride begs the question.  Here are some of the answers we came up with:

10. It takes preparation.
9.   Involves circular motion that also pushes you forward.
8.   You need a map for when you veer from the path.
7.   Community matters.  There is nothing like people cheering you on when you reach a milestone.
6.    One has to have the right gear.
5.    It takes work and commitment.  Those hills are hard to climb, but in low gear and constant and consistent pedaling they can be overcome.
4.    You have to nourish your body and soul along the way.
3.    No pain no gain.
2.    You need a teacher.
1.  An open and intentional mind inspires you to the finish line.

Shanah tovah tikateivu from my family to yours.